Road show at Faiz Festival

Among Faiz’s poetry and portraits adorned at the fifth International Faiz Festival, one of the highlights of the 3 days-event was Tanzila Khan’s Girly Things stall that was set up to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene.

The appreciative audience including celebrities from the likes of Sarmad Khoosat and Khadija Siddiqui were all praised for this one-of-a-kind initiative in Pakistan, working to inspire and aware women about menstrual hygiene and its importance. The activist, entrepreneur, and writer Tanzila Khan was also a panelist in the session on “Art over Adversity: Who Wins”.

A one of its kind application in Pakistan; Girlythings is an App catering to women’s menstruation needs. The App has managed to make hygiene products and sanitary napkins easily accessible to women all around Pakistan, delivering products at their doorstep in complete privacy.


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