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What is Girlythings?
Girlythings is an award-winning mobile Application that delivers sanitary napkins to women at home and in public.

Is it available on IOS and Android?

What services do you offer?
Deliver Pads to you anywhere and Urgent Menstrual Kits in public

Can I order through the website?
You can check out all information on the website and then order through the App

Is there a delivery fee?
PKR 200 is the delivery and service fee for all orders in all cities

Are products expensive?
No. They are the same market price that you will get from any shop

How can I pay?
You can pay through Cash on Delivery and Peridots. Credit/Debit card payments, Jazz cash, U pay are coming soon

Can I get a subscription package?
Coming soon

Regular orders

What can I order?
You can order sanitary napkins, hair removing products and other hygiene related products. Check it out (link)

How much time does it take for a regular order to reach me?
24 to 48 hours depending on the distance

How do you maintain my privacy?
None of the riders are aware of what is inside the package and we package it ourselves.

What is your return policy?
You can return unopened, unused products and get your cash back

In what cities do you deliver regular orders?
(Get a complete updated list from Jazib)


What are peridots?
Peridots are points that the user can earn through different activities and then shop on the App

What is the value of Peridots?
20 Peridots is equal to 1 PKR
So 100 Peridots is 5 PKR

How can I earn peridots?
You can earn peridots by giving quizzing on the App and availing offers in ‘Earn Peridots’

Can I share Peridots with friends?
Yes. You can find this option in purse on the App

Can I ask for Peridots from friends?
Yes. You can find this option in purse on the App

Can I buy Peridots?
Yes! You can buy Peridots by redeeming our coupons



I am unable to download the App
Please check your internet connection and contact us via email or call if the problem persists

I am unable to sign in?
Please use Forget my password or login through Facebook
I can’t make a Cash on Delivery. Is there any other way I can order?
Yes. Please call us and we will accommodate you in the best way

Blood Stain Remover:

What is the Blood stain remover?
It’s a liquid used to remove blood stains from the clothes

How to use the Blood stain remover?
Pour the liquid drop by drop on the stain and let it dry, the blood stain will slowly disappear.

How much does it cost?
PKR. 150/- for 10ml bottle.

Will it corrode my clothes?

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